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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Camera!

As you know i sent my 550D in along with my lens because i was having a front focusing issue.  The retailer (not Canon) confirmed that there was a problem with the body and as they didn't have another 550D in stock i could wait for more stock or pay to upgrade.  Given that i'd already worked out the limitations of the 550D (yes, in that short a time) i jumped at the upgrade and went for the 7D.  It arrived this past Wednesday.

After playing with the 7D on Thursday & Friday i found the focus was MUCH better but was still soft wide open, sigh.  Determined to find a solution to my problem i scoured the internet in search of 7D specific information on focusing.  Only having had the camera for a couple of days it was hard to determine if the problem was me or the lens.

Ultimately after reading everything i could find and watching a few YouTube clips i decided to set up a lens test.  I used the information and chart from this site to check my lens.

The Liveview shots were perfect, no surprises there.  The standard test shots were soft, sigh.  I tried +5 micro calibration, soft, i tried +10 and what do you know, spot on!  Just as sharp as the Liveview shots.  Woohoo!  I was beginning to think it was all in my head or i was just a cr@p photographer!

So i now have the lens set to +10 and i'm waiting for some decent weather to test it out with live subjects, not just the test chart.

I've also searched online and found 2 Australian companies which offer lens and body calibration and if i am still having trouble i will send it in and have it calibrated properly.

I am so frustrated with the retailer concerned that i will never use them again, nor will i recommend them to anyone i know.  Clearly they never took the time to properly evaluate my equipment.

I must say that i am super wrapped with the 7D, it's a beast of a camera!

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